AEMD: Launch of FDA Study & CTE Results Expected Soon


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In case anyone forgot about the results due out soon from Boston University’s CTE Center, working in conjunction with Aethlon Medical’s Exosome Sciences subsidiary, I think we may be in for some major breakthroughs in diagnosing this disease at a stage other than postmortem. It’s obviously too late for Mosi Tatupu but this could mean changing the trajectory of life for untold numbers of people around the world, particularly those who play contact sports. This is a big deal for Aethlon, one that I think will continue to establish what a gem this little company is. 

Additionally, and perhaps even more importantly, AEMD launched their long awaited FDA approved study yesterday, utilizing their Hemopurifier to treat patients with Hepatitus C who have end stage renal disease. This is an enormous deal and there is one thing that should not be missed here. While the company mentions further on efficacy studies it also states:

“our current feasibility study also contributes safety data, which is the sole human challenge to advance Hemopurifier® therapy against category “A” threats whose virulence does not allow for human efficacy studies to be conducted.”

This means that it is quite likely that after this study, should it be as successful as has been documented in other countries, Aethlon’s Hemopurifier should be approved to treat all category “A” threats. You must read the full article available on the Chairman’s blog, an online publication which is a vehicle for Chairmen and CEO’s to let industry colleagues and a host of other interested parties know what they are doing. In Jim Joyce’s address, category “A” threats (such as Ebola) are detailed. They are numerous and deadly. While the stock may have hit a bit of a lull lately it is pretty clear that the important science is advancing rapidly. Stay tuned.

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3 Comments for "AEMD: Launch of FDA Study & CTE Results Expected Soon"

Haris Basit

Posted on Thursday 4th June, 2015, 12:59am


Any news on the BU CTE study? Please let me know if your opinion on AEMD has changed.


Posted on Thursday 16th July, 2015, 6:18am


Wow! Did you see Markman results on Blue Calypso?

John moriarty

Posted on Tuesday 1st September, 2015, 4:18pm


It looks like Edva went out of business. That is always a danger when you come up with looser after looser. I have lost money on just about every stock that he pushed. I do, however, feel that HYSR has a chance of turning into something. I continue to add to my position.

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