Aethlon’s Hemopurifier : An Infectious Disease Game Changer…


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Aethlon Medical’s (AEMD) device, called the Hemopurifier, is treating Dr. Michael Mawanda for Ebola at University Hospital in Frankfurt Germany as I write this post. He entered the hospital on October 3, 2014 and  is heading into his 19th day. There appear to be leaks to serious news operations that his condition is improving which after such a long period of time many had already come to suspect. As the World Health Summit on Ebola convenes in Berlin, it certainly offers a hopeful backstory that there are tools that can make the fight against Ebola-and numerous other diseases, from smallpox to cancer, easier to win. For those not following the story actively, Aethlon has said it will issue an update on Dr. Mawanda’s condition in consultation with University Hospital. That update could obviously come at any time.

Here is a primer on how the Hemopurifier works:


Step by step process:

1) Infected blood flows into the Hemopurifier through a tube extending from one artery. 2) The toxin filters work like a colander, allowing small viruses through but not large red and white blood cells. The filter, which is made from a biocompatible plastic called polysulfone, is coated with special plant-derived antibodies that hold fast to the pathogens, ensuring that they don´t reenter the bloodstream. 3) Purified blood travels back into the body through a second tube inserted into another artery.

The human body typically contains about five liters of blood. The entire quantity can flow through the Hemopurifier in about 12 minutes. The process is repeated until all the toxins are removed-usually within a few hours.

The Hemopurifier resembles a shrunken dialysis cartridge, the rolling-pin-size device that purifies the blood of patients whose kidneys have failed. Both use a filter to remove toxins from blood. But unlike traditional dialysis, the Hemopurifier also includes plant-derived antibodies, such as cyanovirin, that bind to a variety of viruses and eliminates them from the bloodstream. The plant solution can be modified to weed out even genetically engineered germs.

Aethlon has built two versions of its device. One, a foot long and an inch wide, is designed for use in hospitals; the other, the size of a large pen, is meant for use in the field. Both types attach to a pump. But the portable version could work without one, using the patient´s heart as the engine to force blood through the filter [see illustration above].

-Source: popular science

The uses for the Hempurifier seem endless. For dozens of the worst indications the Hemopurifier may be used to allow the immune system the freedom not to fight with one arm behind its back while battling the world’s worst diseases. Because this stuff doesn’t make for the sexiest storyline, it is pretty easy to understand how a company like Aethlon may be overlooked. It takes something like an Ebola outbreak and the treatment of a high profile patient in order to capture the public’s and the news media’s attention. While that may be an unfortunate fact, at least this story is finally getting Aethlon and its Hemopurifier into the public consciousness and that is a very good thing.

So what might AEMD be worth? That is the $52 Million dollar question. That number is what AEMD was worth at the close of business Tuesday but if AEMD’s Hemopurifier and its associative pipeline become a first choice complement to drug therapy (the blood cleansing process allows the body to respond effectively to medicine) on a host of the nastiest diseases, the market cap could conservatively be worth ten times what it is today.

And lest anyone be confused. Don’t think for a second that the NIH, CDC, WHO and various governmental agencies around the world don’t know exactly who Aethlon is and what the Hemopurifier is. The company has a multi-million dollar contract with a division of the department of defense ostensibly to treat sepsis in wounded soldiers but perhaps also because a response to an act of bioterrorism may naturally involve Aethlon’s device. The prevailing issue has been that the investing public at large has not known about Aethlon. That is all changing now that the Hemopurifier has been deployed to help at a most critical time with a most deadly disease.

These are my thoughts alone and not a recommendation for anyone to invest in the subject of this or any other company mentioned on this blog. Please do your own due dilgence and/or consult with a trusted financial advisor before investing in any equity. 


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Posted on Thursday 23rd October, 2014, 2:50am


I don’t know you, have followed AEMD for the past 6 years and own a relatively small amount of AEMD, this is the best balanced and informative article I have ever read about AEMD.

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