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PLUG: The Sound Of Silence

May 12, 2014

  We have been laser focused on PLUG Power in recent weeks and... more

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PLUG Power: What There Is To Learn

May 6, 2014

This is my first post on this new site so if you are new to following... more

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Pardon My French: A Word Or Two About Andrew Left, Citron Research, And Plug Power

Mar 13, 2014

“Les doutes sont fâcheux plus que toute autre chose.” (“Doubts... more

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PLUG, FCEL, HYSR, CHTP, IGXT: Fuel Cell Technology & More

Mar 6, 2014

A quick recap of some of the stocks we pointed out a while back and some... more

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Feb 26, 2014

Good morning. A few short notes about companies we have discussed recently... more

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IGXT: All Aboard

Feb 24, 2014

This morning brings news of a positive Bioequivalence Study on... more

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WDDD: Back On World’s Watch

Feb 19, 2014

It has been a long winter for holders of Worlds stock but in just the past... more

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CHTP: Friday Morning Musings

Feb 14, 2014

Good morning. We have seen much bandied about in recent days regarding the... more

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CHTP: Chelsea Therapeutics Mid-Day Update

Feb 11, 2014

The other day we detailed our thoughts regarding Chelsea Therapeutics and... more

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CHTP: Why Chelsea Therapeutics May Be Set For Exponential Growth

Feb 6, 2014

First an update. Last week we mentioned two new investments. For those... more

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