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Oct 31, 2013 MARKET 0 491 Views

One of the things that was most powerful in yesterday’s conference call for me was the sense that I was dealing with someone in Bill Ogle who seemed quite open and down to earth, not someone distant or appearing too above the fray. He may be selling POPSHARE but he doesn’t have a POP-CEO attitude and that is quite refreshing. Some things that I heard that were encouraging:

-Mr. Ogle stressed that Blue Calypso absolutely wanted to be able to share, in depth, the details of the settlements with Living Social and MyLikes but was adamantly opposed by the settling parties. There was clearly no reason to say that if he didn’t think investors would be favorably impressed by those details.

-Notably, I think Ron Chez (or someone from his office at least) tried to have Bill Ogle allude to what we might see in the 10-Q coming up in two weeks time. He asked some leading questions which one would have to be brain dead not to have gotten the message on. Mr. Chez asked if some of the settlement dollars and new client revenue might not be able to be extrapolated from the Q to which the company politely replied that we should wait and see.

-Questions were asked about the ongoing litigation and whether others who are in the cross hairs might soon be sued. The company wouldn’t comment on the ongoing litigation except in the broadest possible terms. For our part we think that we may see the filing of more suits, perhaps before year end.

-The new focus on mid-sized companies and ad agencies will bear fruit. This is a statement and area that I can personally vouch for from my own experience. The layers of bureaucracy at the biggest of firms is stifling (which often, unfortunately, slows their innovation) and a focus on companies where the ad spend is significant and the decision maker accessible is very smart. The agency strategy is equally smart. A decent sized ad agency could implement a Blue Calypso program at 10 or more appropriate clients in a quarter, maybe more. From what Mr. Ogle said Agencies appear to be drawn to the BCYP Platform as it creates a significant, easily implementable value-add for their campaigns. While an exact number of campaigns that could be managed at one time was not given, I suspect that number could be in the hundreds or more if the process is turn-key enough for advertisers.

-Related to the paragraph above, it is important not to miss the comments from Bill Ogle where he talks about the scale-ability of the platform. If one listened to the Yelp conference call Tuesday evening it was notable that the level of ad space available across all platforms for the Yelp product was significant. In other words Yelp may be at a sellout level of 10% or even less. What this means is that as long as they execute, innovate and stay relevant, they have an awful lot of room to grow. I would suggest that this is also Blue Calypso’s position writ large.

There are many more things that could be said but net net I think mid-November, when we see the 10-Q, may be quite enlightening for investors.

* As always please do your own due diligence. Do not rely on us or any other source without first checking with a trusted financial adviser.

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