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Like many, I read the Biotech Stock Mailbag article this morning. The glaring thing is that Mr. Feuerstein (AF) leaves out an entire history for Aethlon which involves years of interaction with numerous governmental and health agencies which one assumes are pretty well positioned to understand the value Aethlon brings to the table. Please read the piece I wrote on this blog yesterday for a little more background or just do a little due diligence on your own and make your own decisions.  The article today does not mention the current contract with DARPA (an agency of the Department of Defense) which requires that underlying research hurdles be met and is renewed annually; does not mention the results presented by Dr. Helmut Geiger of Frankfurt University Hospital in Philadelphia in the wake of the successful treatment of Dr. Mawanda and paints a broad brush in stating that any trial results out of India, even at a medical center considered to be one of India’s best, are somehow suspect even though there seems little evidence to support that claim in this case.

I had seen a reply from the same Nebraska Medical spokesperson in a post on Investors Hub prior to Dr. Salia’s death which stated that he was aware of the Hemopurifier and that it “might” yet be used. We know now they didn’t use it but we also know the patient died. If you are going to slam a company for trying to offer up its product in that situation or in preparation for future events like it you have to ask yourself the following:

What moronic company would try to push their product on someone in that situation if they believed it didn’t work? Who would send their product to be used on someone with likely near total organ failure, unconscious and damn close to their last breath? That seems like a sure fire way to have your product be deemed a failure if he dies right? The fact that the company has been willing to risk its reputation and its very future by taking that big a risk, the same risk they saw fit to take in Frankfurt Germany with Dr. Mawanda, is one of the underlying reasons I have been so bullish on this stock and this technology. 

We do expect that Aethlon will give investors more insight into its next steps and plans for commercialization. One big step in that direction is the upcoming FDA study that will kick off at the DaVita MedCenter in Houston. The Street piece does not mention this study (or anything about the FDA clearances Aethlon has been given) which seems a pretty big oversight.


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Posted on Friday 5th December, 2014, 5:01pm


I preface my question by first disclosing that I am a long term AEMD stock holder.

If the HP was tested/used successfully in India, a country not bound by FDA mandates and regulation, and as you illustrated, a potential 1 billion dollar + revenue maker-why on Earth aren’t they already up and running there? Why isn’t India bankrolling AEMD’S finances now instead of cutting a 3.3 million dollar sweetheart stock deal?


    Posted on Friday 5th December, 2014, 6:51pm


    Thanks rp, I get the frustration but there are a couple of things to point out. Previously, it seems that Aethlon only had an ability to market Hemopurifier treatment to medical tourists, i.e. not Indian citizens. Having finalized this study there remains an open question, which as I said yesterday the company will need to inform us of, regarding next steps in India. Having said that I’m not sure India makes decisions that quickly in order to “bankroll” U.S. companies looking to operate there. There clearly is a pretty urgent medical need, we know that much. We also know that the Indian government is likely to respect the Medicity results a bit more than AF does. I think we need to give Aethlon a little bit of time to clarify those next steps. I spent twenty years in the media in a previous life and at this point other than to state its case clearly and consistently (and continue to get professional confirmation of efficacy from respected names in the field) there is little to be gained for Aethlon in responding to individual potshots even though the price takes a momentary plunge because of said potshots. I would encourage the company to be more articulate about the market size for those indications it will be likely to treat in the next 24 months given regulatory approval, here or anywhere. Aspirational treatment objectives that are 3-5 years out deserve some mention but should not be the highlight. And of course as part of that any updates on plans in India are very important. My advice is to wait until we hear from Aethlon and try to ignore the “noise” as much as possible.


Posted on Wednesday 10th December, 2014, 3:47pm



An Investor

Posted on Wednesday 10th December, 2014, 10:04pm



Thanks for your site’s continued insight and analysis. I have been long on AEMD for a little over a year, and I generally take daily developments in newsmedia about the company with a grain of salt, cross-reference their conclusions with my own research and due diligence, etc. My confidence in the company stems primarily from DARPA/DOD’s continued interest/investment in Aethlon’s hemofiltration technology.

One thing today did perk my interest. Today Adam Feuerstein tweeted the following:

“I’m surprised Time didn’t choose $AEMD $HEB $IBIO CEOs as Persons of the Year. They are real heroes in ebola fight.”

Is he being sarcastic? If not, and considering to piece that went out last week, why so soon the change of tune?

What is your read on HEB and IBIO? Is their biotech legitimate as well?

I would appreciate any thoughts you might have.


    Posted on Thursday 11th December, 2014, 4:10am


    Not sure what Mr. Feuerstein means much of the time so his latest tweet only adds to my ongoing confusion. As for the other stocks you mentioned-no visibility that I think would be helpful. Thanks you for your comments.


Posted on Thursday 11th December, 2014, 6:35pm


Hi Edva, I’ve been following you for awhile. Really appreciate your clear writing style and insights. Also, your investing interests seem to match mine a lot. Regarding your article about AEMD and other related stocks and the U.S. budget, I think you’re onto a good theme here. Congress will surely pass something significant in response to the ebola and other diseases scare. The American people are fearful about them; Congress knows that, and will want to act positively. So, the money will be spent somewhere and all of these companies, small or not, will benefit. I’m going to put the companies you mentioned on my watch list.


Posted on Saturday 13th December, 2014, 4:22pm



Do you have any idea why your quite thought out comments on Adam F’s mailbag piece on AEMD have since been deleted?



    Posted on Sunday 14th December, 2014, 4:03am


    No idea. Deleted from where?


      Posted on Sunday 14th December, 2014, 5:06am


      Deleted from itself.

      I recall after reading that article that you posted a brief rebuttal in the comments section on TheStreet summarizing much of what you’ve said above — that AF’s omissions of FDA, CDC, DOD support are rather glaring omissions.

      Does my memory not serve?


        Posted on Sunday 14th December, 2014, 9:02pm


        One quick follow up to that. Yes, AF and the the guy who wrote the recent SA piece both had glaring omissions. Apparently that is ok with both of them. There is always a way to tilt the argument in one’s favor. I have been more focused on the recent confirmation of trial results and what occurred in Germany. Having said that I have also said that I was a bit surprised by the warrant coverage in the last financing. The .30 doesn’t bother me but the warrants could have been priced higher. .45-.50 would have been decent. At the same time this investment hardly hinges on that. It hinges on the progression of use of the HP now and confirmation of results in upcoming U.S. studies. Apparently everyone wants to diss what happened in India but hopefully India’s health authorities don’t and that is what matters. If HP treatment becomes ubiquitous in India this is already a homerun as I previously stated. Anyway, thanks for your comments!

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