Frequently Asked Questions

What is the professional background of the Edva Group members?

More than one member has a legal background with current practice areas covering securities, corporate and patent law. One member has an extensive business background with a focus on media, business strategy and corporate turnarounds. One member provides expert opinion on an area particularly critical to patent litigation. All members have advanced degrees in fields of focus.

Why does Edva remain Anonymous?

In short, to protect the interests of the individuals in the group, all of whom have significant visibility in their current fields and where exposure could negatively impact them.

Will Edva Group members always remain anonymous?

Not necessarily. There may come a point where it becomes viable to release the names of our members. It is likely that in the near future Edva Group will have a controlling entity whose name is publicly disseminated.

Where are Edva Group members located?

Primarily in major East Coast cities.

How did you get involved in analyzing equities and why do you offer your research at no charge?

As we have said many times, we cover the stocks we invest in. Since we have to do extensive due diligence in order to vet and re-vet our own investment candidates, we just decided to publish what we found. The commentary has grown quite organically and it has been somewhat shocking for us to experience firsthand how much interest there is in what we offer. We provide information at no charge simply because charging for it seems cheesy. We make enough on our own investments and are fueled by stories of people doing well which is its own reward.

What does the Edva Group provide investors:

This is an important question and in some ways is best answered in the negative, or simply – what we do not do? While we attempt to let people know about developments with the stocks we cover in a timely fashion, if people want the most up-to-date information there are sometimes faster services available for a fee. People should understand that while we might see a particularly positive inflection point in a stock that we cover and are invested in (usually in the form of some news, company update or upcoming schedule of events), and will often enthusiastically let investors know about it, we generally take a much longer view of these investments than many of our investment brethren. While we are ecstatic for those with excellent timing who make quick gains in a security, those with extremely short-term horizons are not encouraged to follow us. We will feel no remorse if a stock in this arena drops 30% in a given day and a finger is pointed at us. The cardinal rule of this game, for us, comes down to only investing in companies who have a positive story that is unfolding and is highly unlikely to implode. For us, everything flows from there. If you can’t afford possible short-term paper losses our commentary, and likely many investments, are not for you. We cannot be any clearer in this statement. What we comment on we call as we see…at that hour and at that minute. We have seen critical elements to a company’s future change on a dime in less than 30 minutes. We have also experienced companies timing releases after we have published a story with both positive and negative effect depending on motive. There are no guarantees when investing and one must not look to Edva Group to ensure against negative consequences. .

Is the Edva Group open to new members?

Not at this time. We have gotten this question from numerous investors in the past year and while we are gratified that people would like to join the group we have taken on no new members since our inception. If in the future we do decide to open it up we would be seeking people who provide multi-range added value.

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