We are excited that you have ideas that hopefully we can help further. We have no lock on good ideas and are happy to promote yours if they meet the following basic guidelines:

1. Short posts or longer commentary must be well written and reasonably entertaining. The best thing to do is send a paragraph email about what you want to write about and what the benefit to readers is. We don’t short stocks and therefore will not cover anyone with that agenda. If we can’t be for a company we don’t write about or invest in it, period. Citing risks of an investment as part of commentary is encouraged. If there are more risks than reasons to invest in a company you can assume that is not a great article to send our way. Keep in mind that not all commentary or guest posts need to be investment related so if you have something cool to talk about we may publish it in the MyTake section except it will be YourTake.

2. Links are great to support citations and occasionally to support one’s own blog or writing. This should not be used just to baldly promote one’s own blog. We will have final say on all links.

3. Keyword density below 2% – two keywords for every 100 words of commentary.

4. Your post should be unique and not a regurgitation of some dead horse beaten subject matter.

5. If guest posting is your job and you are just filling out a weekly quota we are likely not going to be interested.

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