Hypersolar: The News We Have Been Waiting For


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After months of listening to people cast aspersions about Hypersolar (HYSR), either through emailing me or what I have seen on various messages boards, a very important leg of the journey has been reached today. After surpassing the threshold to split water into hydrogen and oxygen (1.23V) we really do feel that Hypersolar’s best days are ahead. This announcement cannot be overstated.

If I was a company looking to invest in this kind of science, either for pure profit motive or because I was in the Hydrogen fuel space, I would begin an analysis of Hypersolar in earnest. With today’s announcement they have shown the world that they are a bit more than just a good idea. I see collaborative partnerships ahead which can advance the science (hopefully to commercialization more quickly with only .25 Volts to go) and I see the real potential for a larger name in the space to invest in them. One point occurs to me as I consider that. As part of any larger entity’s expansion efforts, the best of these companies take an interest in broader, more far reaching but theoretically plausible ideas. It is a small part of their portfolio and they only invest in those which are most promising but they do it and are often rewarded for such efforts with an uptick in valuation.

PLUG Power (PLUG) is a company I have written about often. I’m a big believer in what they have accomplished over the past twelve months and am bullish on their future prospects. Have they had growing pains and do they still misstep at times? Absolutely. But their growth is dynamic and is now undeniable. Hydrogen solutions are important to their future because originating production could ultimately save them tens of million of dollars. An investment in Hypersolar would be a drop in the bucket for someone like Plug (and I am not saying it is appropriate for Plug but it may be for any of dozens of companies like Plug) and just the credit they may receive for such an investment would likely pay for that investment many times over. Smart companies and executives know this. It costs them almost nothing to field a race of ten promising horses. If just one of those horses crosses the finish line it could be worth a hundred fold return on all of them. It is just smart business. No, I’m not suggesting any company should take a flyer on a lark. But today, December 9, 2014, is the day that I believe the wider investment community should fully realize that Hypersolar is no lark.

As always, please do your own due diligence or consult a trusted financial advisor before investing in this or any other equity.




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11 Comments for "Hypersolar: The News We Have Been Waiting For"

otis parker

Posted on Tuesday 9th December, 2014, 6:09pm


edva you may want to update everyone on wddd sooner than later

your articles are great!


    Posted on Tuesday 9th December, 2014, 6:42pm


    Thanks Otis, I appreciate you saying so!


Posted on Tuesday 9th December, 2014, 6:11pm


EDVA, thanks again for your write up. This is great news and a springboard to great things ahead.


    Posted on Tuesday 9th December, 2014, 6:43pm


    Been a while right Ryan! People knew this was coming it just further validates what HYSR is doing. They are now within striking distance. Keep the faith.


      Posted on Thursday 11th December, 2014, 7:09pm


      EDVA, what do you is next for HYSR?


        Posted on Friday 12th December, 2014, 4:06pm


        Hey Ryan,

        I attempted to discuss some of that in my last post but a few things I can see from here:

        -Collaboration with additional Universities or Institutes. Could well be a foreign entity.
        -Investment interest from companies in the space and larger individual investors or groups. I think the company can now be more proactive in these efforts as well given their progress.
        -Potential for published data in some peer review journals
        -Interest from mainstream news media in covering the Hypersolar story
        -Additional patents filed-foreign and domestic

        This list is obviously not exhaustive but this is where I will be looking.

Bill Miller

Posted on Friday 12th December, 2014, 2:19am



I can appreciate your insight on this company. However as a stock to invest in it seems like a two steps forward and three steps back scenario. The debt and dilution make it almost impossible to ever gain traction. This is of course a common theme with penny stocks where they are almost all taken to the wood shed by toxic financing. I hope you are right on this one, it would be nice to see one make it.


    Posted on Friday 12th December, 2014, 4:14pm


    Actually given the promise of this company I think the debt is quite manageable and could be retired quickly. The share structure while not attractive is not all that out of whack when considering the vast number of OTC stocks and again the promise that this investment holds. Of course this is considering that these guys actually get to a point of commercialization. Having said that there are some useful elements to what they are doing this very minute that have intrinsic value. Their patents are also valuable in their own right. This stock should not be trading this low given what we know. What is it worth today, who knows? If you tell me somewhere between .10-.25 I don’t bat an eyelash. It isn’t worth .50 because there are still too many unknowns. I would have guessed that this stock would have seen MUCH MUCH more of a rise given their latest announcement but either the market does not understand the significance or it has simply been too long a time between now and the last updates to maintain serious interest. In any event I see this headed higher because it should, plain and simple. Thanks for the comment.

Jose Ramirez

Posted on Friday 12th December, 2014, 7:04pm


How likely is for HYSR to reach 1.5v anytime soon? 2015 perhaps…


it took them almost a year to move from 1.20v to 1.25v (I assume now to reach 1.5v is the hardest portion of the improvement)


they are working now with two universities (Iowa and UCSB…although UCSB contract is ending in Dec 31 of this year…). University of IOWA has a lot of reputation in regards to renewable energy and hydrogen in particular

Any feedback would be much appreciated…


    Posted on Friday 12th December, 2014, 7:35pm


    Anything I would say on voltage would be a wild guess Jose. It might take a year or more for them to reach it or it may be 6-9 months. I agree that the last move up (while incredibly significant which people have not registered) took ten months which was longer than many had become accustomed to in previous updates. My focus is now less on that exact timing (because it will be whatever the science dictates) and more on how HYSR begins to build a presence and attracts the support of real players with an interest in the space. An association with one of them could change this investment overnight. I think Tim Young’s focus is in the right place-he needs to work on those things that are perceived as significant, complementary value propositions. He is not a scientist so while he does have a comprehensive handle on what is being done, which allows him to speak intelligently about it, he needs to use that knowledge to further a range of other value props.

      Jose Ramirez

      Posted on Friday 12th December, 2014, 7:49pm


      I agree 100%…HYSR needs to stop being a science project and bocome a company with real potential. The help of another company would be crucial…

      Thanks a lot for your feedback and comments regarding HYSR!

      I personally believe in the technology and the idea….rather than making puntual money on spikes or dips.

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