HYSR: Good News Out…Finally + AEMD Breakthrough Tech


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It has been a while since we have posted and as we have always said the “daily” part of our name was aspirational. During the time since we have last posted we have felt the heat and barbs of those who have belittled companies that we have previously followed. We made a pretty dramatic right turn after the Supreme Court decided to take the Alice case and in fact removed the “patent” from our name and stated in this blog that we were going to change course. We think the space is now too volatile and a potential black hole for the common investor’s money and have backed off. We believe that the overturn of the verdict in the IP Engine case was unjust and while Vringo will perhaps get another bite at the Apple the long slog involved just doesn’t make investments like that worth it for us. Recent district court interpretations of the Alice decision may be a window into a rather bleak future for those arguing software patents. This is not to say that there won’t be future profits for those investing in the space but the ground has shifted enough for us not to want to play-at least not where software patents are the crux of the dispute.

Now on to Hypersolar. Their news today of a safer hydrogen extraction method not only raises expectations for what they can deliver but also appears to cut out a heretofore time consuming step. This is really extraordinary news, news that I believe they will follow with more reports that investors can really sink their teeth into rather than comparitive space reports. They issued those as a way of educating but ┬áinvestors quickly tired of them as many felt HYSR was using them as a cheap way to prop up the price. Hypersolar could never be labeled as a company that pumps in our view. They may issue press releases that explain what they think we should all know but they aren’t telling untruths and never have from what I have seen and I’ve been following them for a while. More news will come and I think shortly. HYSR is ascendant today but in reality their tech alone makes worth north of .10 and has for a long time.

Lastly, we have been following and have taken a small position in a company called Aethlon Medical (ticker : AEMD) which is based in San Diego. They have come to prominence during the current Ebola Epidemic chiefly because their medical invention, a device called the Hemopurifier, is being used to treat a Dr. in Frankfurt, Germany at University Hospital there. Essentially, what the device does is clean the blood of infected patients and make the immune system stronger so that it has the opportunity, coupled with medication, to fight the underlying disease. The important thing here however is that this device, far from being a one trick pony, may be used on dozens of the most complicated diseases the world faces. The doctor in Frankfurt, Dr. Mawanda, entered the hospital on October 3rd. Eighteen days later he is still alive so there are many who believe he is getting better and may well be on his way to being Ebola free. At a current share price of about .20 we think Dr. Mawanda walking out of the hospital puts AEMD in .60-1.00 territory. The tech should have it there now because of what it can do and what it has already done on HIV patients but Dr. Mawanda’s case is the push it needs in our view. The CEO Jim Joyce has been featured on KUSI-TV in San Diego in the past few days and the Hemopurifier may be seen in an Outfront report from yesterday by Erin Burnett-about 1:45 into the clip. We think this is just the start for this little company which already has a contract with the Department of Defense.

As always, please do your own due diligence and do not rely on us for your investment decisions. Instead consult a trusted financial advisor.


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12 Comments for "HYSR: Good News Out…Finally + AEMD Breakthrough Tech"


Posted on Tuesday 21st October, 2014, 4:55pm


Edva, it’s nice to hear from you again. Unfortunately, I had buy orders in this past 2 weeks but was not able to fill them. Hopefully, I didn’t miss the boat all together. Looking forward to hearing from you more in the near future.


    Posted on Tuesday 21st October, 2014, 4:59pm


    Thanks Ryan,

    I will try to post a bit more often. I think we will some more announcements from HYSR so the excitement may just be beginning. There is a conference in Germany tomorrow to discuss Ebola so there is some speculation that an update on the patient using AEMD’s Hemopurifier, Dr. Mawanda, may be forthcoming. Thanks for your support as always Ryan.


Posted on Thursday 23rd October, 2014, 6:02am


EDVA, I’m still holding onto big losses with VRNG, IGXT, BCYP, WDDD and VHC and just barely into negative territory with PLUG. Can you give me your thoughts on these? Thanks!


    Posted on Thursday 23rd October, 2014, 1:23pm


    Thanks for your message William. Let me start by saying that generally we have moved away from software patent prosecution cases in large part (and as I have previously stated) because of the Supreme Court Alice case and its decision aftermath. So I am just going to give you my reflexive thoughts which should not be construed as a recommednation to do anything. As with any equity if the underlying thesis for the investment changes then it is incumbent on the investor to make some new determinations or risk losses. The VRNG investment was perhaps forever damged by the jury’s math in Norfolk during the original trial with Google and friends in our view. As I said from the beginning (to much push back I might add) the math did not jibe with what was presented at trial and Judge Jackson ultimately found the same thing. While VRNG has other cases and could well wind up being ok in the much longer run, they were hobbled by what I feel was an unjust result in the Court of Appeals. They have filed for an En Banc Review and notably have one of the most skilled attorneys of our time, David Boies, representing them. Google must respond to the petition by November 3rd. On October 10th the stock dropped close to its 52 week low of .67. If it were to hit .75 or lower it may offer an opportunity to average down or enter a new positon. VRNG has numerous other cases pending so while the Google affair seems to be the thing that keeps VRNG down any significant monetary award might raise the price 2-3 fold and of course an En Banc Review being granted would be very positive for the stock as well. Not sure what your position is but the downside doesn’t appear to be all that great from here and the upside could be significant, particularly if one brings their price average down.

    IGXT’s problems relate almost entirely to manufacturing issues. They must thoroughly solve those problems but if they do there is no reason why the stock should not trade around $1 as IGXT awaits decisions on what we hope would be new FDA filings.

    BCYP is a long slog because they are awaiting PTAB decisions on their patent prosecution. I warned people of this potential dead zone when it was announced the PTAB would review the patents.

    WDDD is a coin flip. If you think they will receive a positive Markman Order form the Massachusetts District Court then this is surely a buying opportunity. It is simply too hard to know however and investing in any stock subject to litigation results is extremely risky.

    I haven’t spent much time reviewing VHC so I can’t really weigh in at all on that. As for PLUG, I maintain that their brightest days are ahead of them and of course they now have tons of cash to execute a very real growth strategy. Say what you will about CEO Andy Marsh but he has put PLUG on the road to becoming the company many thought it would be so many years ago. Will it go back to $11-12 anytime soon? Probably not given the dilution necessary to change the cash formula but I could see PLUG at $7-8 with any new big announcement and I have maintained that they did not raise all that cash just to sit on it.

    Hope that helps…


Posted on Sunday 1st February, 2015, 2:04am


I had the opportunity to put down a lot of money on AEMD and must say that not only do I think it is a very practical concept but now I’ve found out that time magazine put it in the top 25 best inventions of 2014 as well as the 11 most remarkable advances in health care for 2014. I know people slam them for being around for 15 years but in my experiences with these early stage companies it takes about this time…

My question is why did it go well into the 0.30 range when the FDA okayed it on 20 cases of Ebola in North America and shortly after it drop down to 0.25?

Secondly, can we expect to see it do what exibura did back in the early 2000′s, when it went from pennies only to end up trading on wall street well into the 50 plus dollar range.


    Posted on Wednesday 4th February, 2015, 7:01pm


    The history isn’t the big deal I agree. It takes a while to build a team, have something of merit and then get people interested in paying for it. The short term PPS gymnastics don’t worry me so much. The PPS is down because of their raise and the fact that they haven’t announced anything new that gives people the impression that they are making big moves which will bear fruit very soon. As for where it goes that depends on the company. On one level they seem to be aggressive about telling their story and the treatment of Dr. Mawanda in Germany was a big deal. The problem as I see it is that I’m not sure they are super aggressive or effective in getting health officials to utilize their lead device. In fact if you look at it, it is quite clear that they were sought out by the doctor in Germany at University Hospital. They can defend themselves from this line of argument by saying they sent Hemopurifiers to the Medical Center in Nebraska but that was clearly fumbled inasmuch as the hospital information officer seemed to sort of dismiss the product. That was amateurish and in part allowed an exploitative piece from Adam Feuerstein. They don’t have a killer instinct or they would think through these things better and that disappoints me. Jim Joyce is obviously a talented guy and presents very well but on some level he needs to build a team to take this stuff somewhere that have similar public competencies. I don’t see that. I’m holding but I’m a bit chagrined. I expect a good CTE study announcement but what comes after that? Ebola is settling down in W. Africa so the press interest is also and that is something that benefited the company greatly. I just don’t see a well articulated path forward and that is one thing that you would think could have been accomplished by now. My opinion only but hope that helps.


Posted on Thursday 5th February, 2015, 10:39pm


Good food for thought, EDVA. I’m thinking, though, that they were overwhelmed by everything’s happening at once during the ebola crisi; and things slipped. At this point they seem correctly focused on the science and FDA approval. After that occurs, they can reorient toward sales. Two or three year’s worth of patience may be required before our real money will be made. In the meantime, lots of ups and downs, and a gradual up trend is what I expect.


Posted on Saturday 7th February, 2015, 2:14pm


Good info guys, I thank you :)

How high could you predict this to go, price wise that is?

I have come to expect that a few good press releases will get the company anywhere from 1 – 3 dollars…..

What do you guys think?


    Posted on Saturday 7th February, 2015, 5:00pm


    Hey Kris,

    Are you referring to HYSR or AEMD?


Posted on Saturday 7th February, 2015, 6:03pm


AEMD, brother and not to worry as I won’t hold it against you.



Posted on Saturday 7th February, 2015, 10:23pm


But now that you mentioned it, what’s your take on this HYSR? I see its at 0.03


Posted on Monday 16th February, 2015, 6:36pm


I need to know boys, as I’m pulling the trigger on some HYSR stocks… Is this a good move or bad? All I’m looking for is a 1.00 spike…. Is this possible? I like the fact that they are shooting to service 10% of Japan come 2030 and that Panasonic has invested in them…. Any more detailed thoughts on this would be much appreciated :)

Than You.

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