Edva Daily attracts visitors from throughout the world. As of April 6, 2014 we have had visits from people in 118 different countries. Here’s a ranking of top countries (outside of the United States) that visit this blog for updates.


Canada 1  Canada

United Kingdom 1  Great Britain

Israel 1 Israel

Netherlands 1 Netherlands

Germany 1  Germany

Italy 1 Italy

India 1  India

Costa Rica 1  Costa Rica

Singapore 1 Singapore

Jordan 1  Jordan


Czech Republic 1  Czech Republic

Australia Austrailia

France 1  France

Belgium 1  Belgium

Switzerland 1  Switzerland

Hungary 1  Hungary

Portugal 1  Portugal

Brazil 1  Brazil

Spain 1 Spain

Ireland 1  Ireland


How do we measure our blog traffic?

We utilize web reporting services such as Google Analytics to view our web traffic sources. Please note, this traffic is a representation from our previous blog site at edvapatent.wordpress.com. Since we have moved all of our blog posts into edvadaily.com and have asked our subscribers to follow us here, we expect our traffic on this site to match our previous blog within 30 days.

Last updated: 10/21/13

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