Quick thoughts on The Week Ahead: HYSR, RXMD, AEMD, PLUG


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HYSR: Further movement on this stock this week should occur after some consolidation. As I said in an earlier post, given where the company is in terms of its progression toward producing Hydrogen onsite (essentially from water waste and sunlight), it should be trading in the .05-.10 range anyway. Our belief is that the recent movement of price and volume is more than an expected trading range which Hypersolar doesn’t seem to follow anyway. Our best guess is that Hypersolar is perhaps nearing a financial partnership which we have long predicted. We may also see some news coverage in a national or very big regional publication as well. This is obviously speculation on our part but we have been fairly accurate with respect to this company over a pretty significant period of time.

RXMD: We do expect this to move well North of .05 this week, how far depends on volume and perhaps any further news. There is a rationale for it being worth .29-.35 right this minute based upon projected 2015 revenue. If you are thinking about entering this stock it might not be a bad time to do so.

AEMD: The results of its CTE study in conjunction with Boston University are due prior to the end of this month. If those results are as expected we see renewed interest and a spike coming for Aethlon.

PLUG: A conference call has been scheduled for January 28 where projected revenue for 2015 will be discussed. Unlike an earnings call which is a sort of binary event we expect this call to provide positive momentum for PLUG as it moves ahead this year. Some recent reports have the company projecting as much as a 50% revenue increase.

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Posted on Saturday 24th January, 2015, 9:05pm


I agree with you on RXMD. I’m in it myself and I think it’s amazing it’s not over 25 cents right now. Sooner or later it will pop up there if it’s meant to be.

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